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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 17, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: and good morning a lot going on this morning will follow a major news as far as an address to a well-known artist we're also following the rain that is expected to have this went right now it is cold this morning but we do know if could not be here as early as friday after nome. >>james: there is a chance you might get a sprinkle in the north to bay but is pretty slim the starter for what is happening right now is nothing much relatively clear conditions this is the bay bridge approach on westbound 80 is a local will talk about those temperatures
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from space to see the activity to the north right up near the oregon border in of an impact in the pacific northwest and one of those will certainly make it work by friday and could bring the north bay and sprinkle or to when you walk through the animation you can see it is pretty remote that is one point of near ukiah to start getting light to moderate rain it will be slowly moving from north to south by noon tomorrow it could be looking at santa rosa
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catching the light rain with could be looking at what for the evening commute and will continue on to 9:00 p.m. but on friday will look for the shower to still be centered over the bank but started to diminish it could be very well be a friday evening through the first half of saturday the touch storm system >>james: as to take a quick look at what we're seeing on temperatures with a temperature dreadnought on the map you will see that we have a lot of studies and '40's will be back to talk more about the cold temperatures and what we can expect this afternoon in terms of the forecast for today. >>george: that is the way we like to see things stuff is not unusual in the 4:00 hour the
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good news is no construction although there is a fair amount of over nine roadwork for the nimitz ride out of san leandro north about a problem free with just a 14 minute trip time the ride heading over to the greater the dublin great looks good so low grade traffic looks 680 south problem offering so of the rattle of the more into dublin clock and a just and men is heading to the bay bridge no delays at the macarthur maze. >>will tran: big news of san francisco will allow local artist killed on his way to an art exhibit friends and family are mourning his death police said he was killed while waiting for his bus. >>jeff bush: 74 year-old mr.
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jackson was what into the bus of the order of venice and market street for some reason someone attacked him and after several weeks in the hospital he died from his injuries on wednesday morning the longtime friend said that they used to hang out together and talk in the cafeteria of north beach this is that he was a gentle man who love the art and they cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt him
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>>will tran: they're still looking for the person responsible for the attack taser is could have saved his life he was shot dead by five police officers earlier this month after he stabbed another man the
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chief office and the police commission are looking at the entire use of force policy and plan to discuss those policies next week with the police union of gruesome discovery made by san francisco home on a. >>grant lodes: a person was gardening in the yard along mcalester between pierce and spine of this is late last month and november 23rd the residents said they brought the ball to the northern police station in the senate the medical examiner determined they were and remains cadaver dolls
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or brought into the indicated that there were more human remains in that area and the of the yard and did not find any more bones police say they don't know how long they were buried but or how old the person was what he or she died. >>grant lodes: once again the time frame on how long it's been there at the age of the person that identify the domestic violence suspect to a shot and killed by officers 19 year-old hector were shot by police and charged at them. >>will tran: the person who
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called police said a woman believed to be the door for and was hiding from a while the record in her that bill is currently under review a summary of police are looking for this woman 50 europe and the seal is accused of killing her adoptive mother early this month police from the remainder of 90 year- old inside the garage of the former home they bought on the rather high school girl for from last month and then took pictures with the foam that was uploaded to the victims i cloud and quickly identified she was
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booked into jail for the robbery and for probation violation. >>will tran: children welfare work of the to the woman suspected of that murder four times in the past year or allegation of neglect however investigators could not find enough evidence of abuse to remove the children from the home and salinas this time to children dead in a storage unit in national news before charlotte connection with the death of freddie gray in baltimore ended in a mistrial the attorney for the family of freddie gray said the jury is a disappointment for both the
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prosecution and the defense legal analysts said the outcome of the trial goes beyond the state also will order to the other five officers waiting to stand trial in the caves >>will tran: they fell to reach a decision shall protest broke out there on to retry the case after more than 30 years awaiting the sequel is finally here tonight the theaters across
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the country will have early screening of episode 7 the force awakens this video from the film hollywood premiere early this week the movie does not officially open until tomorrow some fear this will be shot on the movie as early as 7:00 tonight some cities we will try to steal credit card information in the east bank will let you know which stores are affected.
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>>james: more on the extended forecast live outside which is a shot at the bay bridge the fair building tower testing out the light on the art displayed with all the cables live up hopefully will get all squared away and that is the column looking for the court that is what we're seeing right now clear conditions temperatures that was the cold right to the entire morning to rain on the way to the north that is not the system that will make it what on friday and will pass by we're working
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out of the '30's and san jose 30 can leave the temperature there this afternoon we should be looking for park to kron 4 test will have some breaks to the to like so once more in the low to mid 50's generally will have 59 for concord 61 and opened it will be another day with a degree temperatures and it will be cool at times to project handy your extended forecast doesn't take a look show that we have that line coming interview friday evening. >>george: we are tracking any hot spots not looking at any delays hear what you need to know when you get out the door for the drive to the east bank
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the trip to the slow rate of interest they 680 in the southbound direction a small one with no delays you do not need to be in the fast lane for this trip 20 minutes for the ride on a in his talk about as you had from haber semiarid down toward milpitas 55 minutes as a long stretch but right now they're no delays because of congestion nor are there and the problems mean a good ride all the way brown does of the copper exports with to montague expressway is just 18 minutes. >>george: an easy trip out of hay with gold led to the toll plaza the rich can bridge right
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out of the east bay like enough that you'll have all time finding a back up and that traffic. >>will tran: the simmons had been detected a certain locations that in september of the usefulness cameras and two safeway stores >>reporter: you wake up and read a story that blows of the proportion you would be a little bit upset with what the customer to lull that we jumped on the issue immediately no affirmation of our stores
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>>will tran: the communications guard as far back as 2013 before they met in person malek and for recall of gunfire early this month killing 14 people at that event today is the deadline to sign of the health insurance on the cover california the deadline was originally yesterday the people can enroll online antimonide tonight that also call this a one of the bakery and roman locations cover
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to set to begin on january 1st people in row after but before january 31st will have coverage by the end of march of the end of march of 2016 >>will tran: chicago police officer jason van dyke is now formally indicted for the shooting death of 17 your look on mcdonald he shot him 16 times in an incident last year the indictment includes six the cause of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct he is free on bail and back in court tomorrow the u.s. department of justice began to rise investigation into the use of force but chicago they launched the probe after the release of the bill shall the death of mr. macdonald the have been on answers to the deal was made public protest as a call from lemaire to step down after the shooting and yesterday he
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was at a record a catalyst to the started chanting 16 shots the more time he was shot by officer vandyke >>will tran: they will continue their efforts to get him to resign the coalition for the chicago is planning a christmas rally similar to a black friday protest the father of one of the victim was has taken his grief and channeled it into something positive she said it was a very
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emotional and it was draining to do at times >>will tran: before too long had an album entitled a beautiful life and, of his daughter out of has been nominated for two grammys. >>will tran: 6 each christmas and help struggling families with a new set of wheels were there for the harlem of story. >>jeff bush: the giveaway
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sparkling tiresome three families were been struggling was selected to receive a complete their restore the vehicle so since the family had no car and saw the all body shop has been giving cars away for decade and a half women began the 15 years ago they told the suppliers to pitch in and it is because of the community wide event that put particular love
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into a car for military veteran. >>will tran: there about an expected to make a just and is opening weekend it had lasted hauler will in this morning's the rapid--daily wrapped.
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>>will tran: >>reporter: how big is the force weakened corn to be invested the cells has crossed the 100 a million dollars is the previous record her address world title perrin one of the great stories ever told a tv helos generic the passion alive use or even about the life of jesus short on fox
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is an all-star cast of popular music it will be held the stake will center on four 18th and air on cbs said it is. >>will tran: bay area malls are unusually empty for this time of year we will tell you why.
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>>will tran: hughes attack on december 5th and died after several they still do not have any suspects the pleas of the 450 year-old she was shot to death the she's not been seen since august after more than 30 years of waiting for the sequel is finally here movie theaters across the country will have
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early screening. >>james: we have the bay bridge
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shot were looking at the san francisco nice and clear called once again we're talking about the possibility of rain a live look from space is the satellite and radar of you do concede the bay area right there with sfo label and assure you the future past and what it for what we're thinking about with the shrine for today and friday and the future task predicament some wish to sporadic in nature for some parts of the north bank will fast for three hours to known of this is not much to knock perry organized issue of near ukiah clover debt you sprinkle but beyond that when i expected more than at 3:00 as a consent by noontime and looks
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like moderate to heavy shower for coverdell in ukiah by three in the afternoon will respect the shower to begin and to strengthen over santa rosa start to press and the direction three in the afternoon by 6:00 for the drive home.
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>>george: south on 68242 no delays into walnut creek out of company out of walnut creek and to the san ramon valley an easy 16 minute trip time get you down to the dublin 580 and to change
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>>will tran: themselves across the country are soaring after recent attack of paris and san bernardino ahead handgun the out of stock and a lot of ammunition sold out as well he has noticed more panicked customers coming into stores saying they need a gun to protect themselves on customer says he understands the inside to mayors fear of the potential for tighter gun malls
4:36 am
president obama is said to me it would famines in the last month from this month's mass shooting in san bernardino >>will tran: experts say online holiday shopping could be to blame we have the details. >>j.r. stone: less than 10 days away from christmas their open letter actually happens and open that these parking lot to look
4:37 am
with our our ticket had over thanksgiving black friday holiday on the store sells down in online sales of more than 14% even those working inside knows the difference and holiday shopping traffic to clear some shoppers at the mall but signs across the street say no bar or mall parking are likely and needed in these the park in part of that you would be walking across half an empty lot still saw my talk with a plan on eventually shopping inside tell
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minute you for ordering online and pick it up in store >>will tran: plus a local charity asking the have to go out after break a local boy whose life for the condition and what a family sense saved his life
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to get rid of the sold immediately important and outside container there provide refunds to anyone who bought the soda and still not clear was causing them to burst on their arm pieces sold itself is safe to drink >>will tran: a boy is looking to be alive after have heart attack while on a school outing millard has a rare heart condition and thanks to the figure later he is alive today he can no long will play his favorite sport baseball was he from of the hobby that required no contact
4:42 am
from normally healthy child who went into cardiac arrest and marked--march 5th >>reporter: they immediately put the training into practice that had to grab it had and russia and back up the hill this external this to prevent or a be saved his life since he does remember much of what happened but he now knows about his rare heart condition she the team the
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with the nonprofit to spread awareness about the importance of a sensible a e.d. there's promising news for all the schools and the state >>will tran: cold clear morning rain is on its way we will be right back.
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don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models. >>will tran: a funeral will be
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held for the suspect who was shot and killed by san francisco police earlier this month much more coming up about 15 minutes. >>james: if we want to show you
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quickly it will use sea temperatures from the bank is called 35 unfair for the third nine a center of the 37 novato if you have to the east valley you got down to the mid '30's 35 for both pleasanton and livermore this morning still in the upper '30's like reduced to the 38 currently in san jose and
4:48 am
unsettled weather over the course of the next seven days will keep you updated and reviewed with the latest in the palm of your him with the mobile application >>george: how cyclical was going on and the south bay as we update the drive times for 101
4:49 am
north, 18 minutes from capitol expressway phil green shall listen to a source for this means they're running at a limit his 17 metric ton from san jose up to cupertino high with 85 ride the west valley freeway off just 18 minutes come from one of all the way out to the 28085 and to change in cupertino not enough toll takers and it is interesting when that is all there were there toltec as at the branch how fast traffic moved have more to do with how fast the toltec as ordered howe that the traffic was delayed free across to spend as it is on 580 the rich and bridge the ride of richmond and to run county just a minute trip the ride from ran into san
4:50 am
francisco there is a zipper to look reconfiguring the mines at in the second lane in the northbound direction >>will tran: first and broken gas line and the no heat and now there's no school because the gas line laid down a wire broke they're still working on that it could be multiple leaks and hope to have fixed on when a brick is
4:51 am
over early next year he was charged with arson and burglary prosecutors the calling it a hate crime law laws injured at the time of the fire >>haaziq madyun: more than 20 years now stephanie and her family have been volunteering for the contra costa county u.s.
4:52 am
marine corps toy for talked program the east bay garage pact with boxes of tool is recently picked up from drop-off locations before she has a lot to the marines at the main warehouse and concord the warehouse live look for with the marines say it it is in the hope is that they serve in the 40,000 children who would each receive two torrance with this case that might happen the kids to benefit from this program deserve better
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>>will tran: here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic started to back up we want to share your car temperatures is 42 degrees from oakland for the 2-59 at 3:00 p.m. cold clear you will not need your umbrella yet compare
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>>will tran: the brother of there as well this is the oldest of force to gain in more than two weeks steph curry and the game with 25 points but it was a big amount for klay
4:56 am
thompson to warriors when the backed by a final score of 128103 lead game set for tomorrow tipoff of seven starting he was at practice on monday and tuesday and was a guest to the issue around the he was feeling better and hopes to be back on the bench and about to three weeks is not out to the beginning of the season to develop complications from back surgery will live at the theater and some wasn't already lining up to see the movie.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: 30 is in for the spread of around the bay once again the cold temperatures out in the east of the valley of pleasanton and livermore come in at about 35 degrees 38 in san jose that will drop to the of the third is before the morning is done and the mix of the 32 low '40's that is the switch where and at the moment the rest of the bay area likely santa showers on friday in the cockerel looking 1/3 to 44 per recording star anise: no time putting in a slight chance for the north that temperatures warm enough to the mid to upper fifties by 3:00 will keep a partly cloudy one to the upper 50s low 60s
5:01 am
>>george: the star of the look of some of the drive to the east bay like the east shore for iraq for hercules to berkeley from the upper to shore just 15 minutes as you work your way westward toward the bay bridge toll plaza coming from hayward to san leandro just a 14 minute trip time for the match free rent no. 5 and ride into and out of the dublin and to change looks good nonetheless come from livermore to dublin have been soft toward free on the ride to the bay bridge were picking of the little action of the toll plaza but no delays left for the west about ride if like of course this will change once the meeting lasted activated >>mark: a person living in san francisco discovered him bones
5:02 am
of gardening in the yard there were discovered late last month the we learned about the this week to examine a determined there are in fact human remains they searched the area and indicated there more remains the back of the yard and find any more bombs they're not sure how long been buried there >>darya: they said that the victim had been shocked that did the crime happened several months ago and she has not been seen since all this the children who bottles, the store june that somewhere else they said late yesterday and a test to determine the children died and a different location.
5:03 am
>>mark: they are leading this investigation perez is a 39 year-old and insulting your companion in connection with the chilled as the knicks cannot find enough evidence to remove the children from home a funeral will be held for the stabbing suspect who was shot and killed the san francisco police. earlier this police >>darya: video of the shooting shows police surrounded him that adds a drop of my family been told that he did not the open fire when he moved toward an officer that fog or wrongful death lawsuit against the san francisco police department the fuel stores and 11:00 this morning at the corner stall missionary baptist church of third street in san francisco
5:04 am
the police union president says taser us could have saved his life and now the police commission are trying to dictate to us for all possible not everyone is on board hist they are reviewing the entire use of force policy and plan to discuss. next discuss >>mark: the police shot a 19 year-old hector of the charge that the on monday to respond to
5:05 am
home for domestic violence disturbance the person who called police said woman who the believe was the door from was hiding from a what he is threatening her police are looking for the person who attacked and killed san francisco artist and happened on december 5th >>darya: he was on his way to an exhibit was someone approached them and attacked and he died means injuries they cannot imagine why anyone would want to hurt him he was well known in
5:06 am
north beach he was a regular at the cafe and make friends and draw pictures of the people who would come in and protest in baltimore overlie after a mistrial was announced he was a first of six police officers on trial for the death of freddie gray. >>will tran: mentalist officers on patrol making sure that the job on any possible future protests their discipline for both the prosecution and the defense legal analysts say the outcome of this trial goes beyond william porter they
5:07 am
recounted on using him as a witness against the others and now he is in this hyperspace before the mistrial they told the jury to go back and tried to promote with the decision and they could not. sphere
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>>mark: you can enroll until midnight horror of the farm the location across the bay area health cover stars >>reporter: it was hand
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delivered by a representative on tuesday and active have masaryk restore installing graphics and into living ready for the crawl >>: 7 nil nil this tall and again in june and amazing full view for three ratio for may of nine cause or for for the film and the imax format
5:10 am
>>reporter:: the weapons alas policy with a bill to see your faces and you enjoy the femme-- film >>darya: reviews are out shirtless still pouring in the overwhelmingly positive new information about the san bernardino massacre what they were the one online and the years leading up to the shooting.
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>>mark: the second busiest day is on monday and today is the third busiest the hygienist's rectify thousand trawlers delphi out as a flaw in hundred million people travel 50 mi. from home the in the 23rd engineering record
5:15 am
>>james: charlotte n.c. airports recording from the late but christmas the east coast with to be seen record warmth how often the pacific northwest a pretty decent rainmaker hammer in washington state and oregon as technical support of what we're saying our part of the country as a slab the math you will see the temperature on the cold side we do stand a chance of maybe sing a sparkle come later on this morning that is what
5:16 am
we're looking at this morning temperatures in the '30's and '40's and to take a closer look at you was seen by her no time should one of
5:17 am
>>james: perhaps novato starts to seem like child's at this point a small evening that is when it will start to enter san francisco the east and other portions of. south of the golden gate bridge were on the forecast coming up >>george: the freeways still looks cooler picking up a little slowing just north of 280 on 880 not to bomb the drive times for
5:18 am
101 have matter at any time to only 18 minutes san jose into cupertino 17 minutes drive north from ride around 85 about the same from the 85101 and to change out toward cupertino-15 minutes it will look pretty different ride on land to the san mateo bridge no delays another hour and 15 minutes before this bridge is jammed up the bodies of a husband and wife behind the san bernardino shooting have been released by authorities and buried the family members some that were
5:19 am
buried on tuesday afternoon a share a deputy from the bodies or belize but the domestic a claim the the two shooters to minikin online smudgy high through their private messages >>mark: edges learning but the neighbor is not want to be facing charges he bought the assault rifles that are used in the killing of a block of for him because she was worried he would not pass a background check president obama set to meet with the families of the san bernardino shooting victims the president as adding of the california tour approved a plan for to wife and family vacation
5:20 am
that plant to reopen the minister of office early next year the conference center where the shooting took place of the closed indefinitely >>darya: he is notice more panicked customers come into the store same that need a gun to protect themselves >>mark: he shot mr. macdonell 16
5:21 am
times during the incident last year in a full six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct he is on bill this morning would do back in court small then on and to the village made public protests of the column on the chicago mayor and state attorneys to resign >>darya: it happened on october 18th we told you about a federal prosecutors say lawrence was 10 minutes the to the flight when he attacked the woman who was sitting in front of him he passed her in the head and
5:22 am
choked her the pilot declared an emergency landing and turned back to lax he was arrested yesterday on the federal indictment and appeared on lost angeles court he was asked interpleader they could face of to 10 years in prison she's finally brought the high school girl last month should then to practice with the falling which automatically apply to the victims i cloud account that identified her as a suspect she was booked into jail for the robbery as well as probation violation
5:23 am
>>darya: each car was filled with gifts for the families and our insurance is already covered for the first year are rest of car break-ins at and east to bay station with police to do with to try to be a car safe
5:24 am
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>>mark: this spend hours with the this plant is $400 a month to the up and running his ahead to christmas and fair bank >>james: back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>james: as you look down toward
5:30 am
the south a 38 degrees headed is co-author of life with outside meant to upper 50s and even low 60s by 3:00 this afternoon >>george: the media might have been activated just last to the three minutes and is the starting to slow right, lynne
5:31 am
from the end of the east parking lot the drive time is not a very bad yet still only about 14 minutes >>will tran: we just gotta has on his pet to take a look to screen to placed december 2nd he's the neighbor and an masinissa all this time they say
5:32 am
he bought the assault rifles used in the shooting there's a picture of the gun people. >>darya: 52 bartering desmond are rationed or burglaries and one each to bay bart station for a lubricant for reporters
5:33 am
for the before 6:00 at the pleasant hill station they're all smashed and graphs and the carter ransack his vocal concerts passengers who use the parking garage the police are trying to see a surveillance cameras caught and the bird with their increase in the probe of the garage >>darya: that pull 300 buses for inspection and replace parts and 65 of them
5:34 am
>>mark: the store on dublin boulevard in dublin the representatives are trying to attend a position left our stores people replacing the
5:35 am
skimmers and the storage of there not been tested in >>darya: the convict people anxious and report their proposals and number states to increase punishment in elementary school in the east paulo office of since then the school has been using space heaters to keep students one and class with the space heaters are not working with the mouth of the temperatures have been
5:36 am
dropping 6 and the gas line will not be easy >>darya: that put the training and practice and ran down the hill rat the defibrillator and rushed back up and use it it was the automatic external the fifth letter that saved his life he
5:37 am
has a pacemaker and turned to the tip led that the takeover if strikes again this tunney's thousands of tourists to give tickets to tolerance season
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>>mark: cameraman stop the san francisco also bomb was gardening and yard will have the latest on the investigation-- gardening. >>james: that and a lot more
5:45 am
robust and this should affect the entire bay area as to the five acted on tour bus saturday afternoon wishes to the showers pushing through the life and times have been other times like the storm system we've had in the past, some expect this one
5:46 am
grit to shot like to showing the tremolite all the bay bridge attention on these patterns. >>james: we're looking for part the product most clout as fast as we get deeper into the deck should warm up to the upper fifties with a handful of the '60s and as the extended forecast what we're talking about that from range to hit the bay area with a brief break sunday and sun and into monday and lasting into of the the tubes that we have an analysis
5:47 am
in the brain drain in will be a bit unsettled >>george: the could uses where still not tracking any hot spots it on network marketing of the door and it earlier than usual so from the store with a look of some of the drive to the east bank the trip on an adjusted 80 just picking up a little as the head down from
5:48 am
highway for all to 680 walnut creek the west about ride him to attend living down from walnut creek to double tracking a 16 minute drive times here in the westbound truck on high with 54 on the backed up into cash lies those lines one and two of the here with lines 3 and 4 (6:00 that backup vocals and the disappearance
5:49 am
>>mark: the shooting happened back in july 24th year-old muhamed fired shots into a military recruiting office the reserves turner often miles away he was killed and the shootout with police he agreed radicals teaching of american one cleric who was a leader of alkyne the this town and an answer to is on martyrdom but the final evidence that it was that the communication with the specific to report
5:50 am
>>mark: they're among a pile of dead giant african snail that from the agricultural specialist is aware of the shipment that each and these 500 different types of plants and from the snell and imports the fbi said the arrest of following the security program to have a said what he's been charged with that do not relate to time pharmaceuticals as the consummate that he bought then raise the price of a common drug by more than 5000 for some the
5:51 am
promise to lower the price of the drug but never faltered >>darya: triple ginger has been bursting and shattering if you bought it put it in and out to an offense and it is section >>mark: she passed the boxes of
5:52 am
tortious the to from chop off locations before she hands and often the main warehouse the hope is that there certainly 40,000 kids who received to tourists with that might happen >>darya: in the tech novato and is chilly and pleasanton at 35
5:53 am
in france fell 34 level more 37 san francisco.
5:54 am
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>>darya: 4 and is not clear how they got to track my answer five the line to spread on the recycle center decided to take him home
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now fifth >>james: the image of the to the upper 30 and 34 unfair fell 35 and cousins and in the southwest town house in with new optimism the east 45 as san francisco and 45 as the one spot on the map to its morning as to
6:01 am
cook live look outside visibility nice and clear nice and the bay bridge camera to connect up the license and revealed so far soap of this on the front there are few clouds of his courtesy of the store to our north/ >>james: and ultimate '50s mid to upper 50s and 06 is by 3:00 to and a few more calls as the system cannot continue to spend and again it will drop rain this week from tomorrow and for details coming of--up
6:02 am
>>george: the metering lights have been active for just about 30 minutes looking at about 16 metric time to back up does not quite reach the to the macarthur maze now is when we would begin to see the changes here at the san mateo bridge in the next 30 minutes this with chris law
6:03 am
>>mark: authorities are charging the neighbor of the two shooters of san bernardino >>will tran: the charges to happen at any moment to scan down within the past he's been under investigation after the whole thing went down on this of the second killing 14 people 21 injured the shoulders to said that he at some to buy rifles because he was were prepared he would not passed by project to
6:04 am
shootings what to place the what charges we do not know yet where close to bonds from the suppression; >>mark: he is adding to stock of southern california to a previously planned trip to wife of the christian indication >>darya: police said several cars were hit in the two people
6:05 am
who were killed were shot about 10 mi. apart the man surrendered to authorities and they have not interviewed and then but border bridge is suspected >>mark: the medical examiner concluded their human remains and was found and the mansard. >>darya: this 50 year-old woman is accused of killing her adoptive mother the 19 year-old mary also banned in the cross of the home where they used to live
6:06 am
early this month police said the victim had been shot investigative believe the crime happened several months ago she has not been seen since august. >>mark: the suspect was shot and killed a san francisco police earlier this month he was killed on december 2nd and the bay view neighborhood the video showed him how to bondage of the sea officers asking the jock and i believe the future his general stores and 11:00 this morning at the cornerstone missionary baptist church in san francisco >>darya: the police a socialist and asking the senate issue stun guns officers because the video of the shooting sparked such public outrage the department is under scrutiny in addition to
6:07 am
boosting jurisdiction within our use of force and generally tend to go up in his ninth restaurant to considered likely >>mark: it happened on december 57 for your support jackson was waiting for boss at the corner of castro street he was on his way to live the good will there prost of an attack time the fifth friends cannot imagine why in winter and
6:08 am
>>darya: the jury's deadlock and the dutch anathemas child yesterday the attorney for freddie gray and his family that discipline for the prosecution and the defense and said the outcome of the trial goes beyond the fate of off a supporter to the other five officers went to stand trial if he is convicted
6:09 am
it will be of no significance to the officer if he's convicted on the first a second trial with the perception is clearly that is a victory for the defense
6:10 am
>>reporter: mrs. russell mackey will be able to see the for showing of the star wars the force awakens is only one of 15 theaters that were shown by math 70mm the film version of the femme
6:11 am
>>darya: then select the film is one of the best of the year >>mark: and lower gas prices means more cash on people's wallets for the holiday season will show you how much of an expected paid out.
6:12 am
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>>mark: must second busiest day is on monday and today is the
6:15 am
third busiest day hundred and 65,000 travel the aaa said 100 million people which holland and restricted miles from home between december 23rd in giant or a third that as an all-time high for holiday travel >>james: the good news for you have above average temperature setup for the eastern third of the country from about michigan down to eastern texas on monday will sit temperatures the convict and 20 degrees above normal
6:16 am
>>james: for the rest of us the clouds the we're do with it 6:00 tonight the drive home the morning commute to grab the committee of elected to spend all but at one of us looks pretty track tomorrow will be a different story 9:00 a.m. possibility of rain like efforts to coverdell south toward santa rosa by noon by three of the afternoon when she places like novato and the north fork forcing light to moderate line in in the north of the
6:17 am
golden gate bridge by 6:00 to the evening commute death on the rain began santa the rest of the bay area and stays with us about 9:00 tonight >>james: we have a mix of low to mid '60's mid to upper '30's for the east of the valley anywhere from 35 to 38 degrees in the chilly. >>george: tacking on a contract in the first incident of the morning could have an impact on the ride is in the east and in
6:18 am
this year and hayward on 880 in the southbound direction when an industrial taken a look at the bridge the paper is the backup engine toward the macarthur maze 18 minutes the trip turned 92 and the san mateo bridge as a move closer to six the to the traffic moves toward the west boundary crossing the bridge plants come on here that is what the drive times to come toward 80 minutes out of hey were heading toward san the same and the backed up against a bill from before the toll plaza westbound highway 92
6:19 am
>>george: the backed up is beginning and and as for the rest of the french trucklines here at the golden gate bridge still delay free after recounting still problem free for 1 01 south bound >>mark: the charges reportedly do not like to try and pharmaceuticals and raised the price of the job for more than 5000 percent he promised to lower the price and never did and now head of the charges may center on the time and another by a company in austin last year to complain that his with a cut the drug's price again last month he reneged on a pledge rise in drug prices of the
6:20 am
current topic in the upcoming presidential election >>darya: the grocery stores as credit-card scams have been detected a some locations detected a survey by an employee is plan skimmers and to some for stores to set foot of bancroft and walnut creek and the store on dublin boulevard in dublin the repetitiveness are trying to reassure customers >>darya: < still of people place in the skimmers at the stores in their investigation
6:21 am
>>mark: this comes after a recent abreast of woman sought to people in front of our home sitting in the thick of truck opened packages accomplice in the tech, suspects the rest of them at compaq from four different homes inside the truck to say because the woman allowed them to the suspect in to the term the christmas presents to the family cas >>darya: he's noticed more panicked customers come into the store said and to protect themselves we spoke with one customer who sissy understand the design--anxiety
6:22 am
>>darya: the shopping season is also boosting sales as well as fears that the loss to be tightened >>mark: lower gas prices means more money and and once all the they will save $600 this year the service as saying the u.s. gas prices average about $2.40 for the average gallon across the country this comes as gas prices continue to fall with the national average with $2.10 that is the lowest priced in seven years bay area prices are not agree san francisco are averaging 2734 got to 61 for guy on an oakland and san jose at
6:23 am
260. >>darya: of all and shrines was covered for the first year >>mark: there's been a rash car break-in was some stations will tell you where it is happening star wars is looking to get into much more than the movie business why you could sign saying.
6:24 am
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6:26 am
>>mark: and one who was writing the whole board to give it as a gift or a thing about buying one deserve to know there's a safety defect engineers and an agency testing center in maryland are testing both new and damaged zero reports them to close the configuration of the battery pack and compatible do with the charge of >>darya: they have filed legal documents to all products with the famous movie title and here are to some of those products
6:27 am
6:28 am
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6:30 am
>>james: we have tried clear conditions to the north to concede the system passing by combining the far north they a sprinkle perhaps a month noontime this i would have been
6:31 am
on the top it will be july of a cloud in cool a noontime run cannot temperatures to a makeshift you a perfect is to lowestoft if to stop our if it will be at recall giving out to school the beginning to edge was still in the '30's and 40's >>george: the commute is loosely or to get started so that it could no that means is a little faster if that is not too confusing adding about six minutes to drive times and out for cupertino having to cope with him on the west about for a week of a little slow and timid on the ballot have of the overall drive times is just 19 minutes-to + one man is adding
6:32 am
three minutes to that drive times we added more than that to the bay bridge the drive times to 21 to 24 minutes and to the drive to slow traffic as you approached the toll plaza from the macarthur maze >>will tran: police a salinas with children used to live were not handled the investigation- we're learning that the child welfare workers and salinas' visit tammy stockholm four times in the past few for reports on the collapse of the 12th you're out when this investigators in the case cannot find enough evidence police arrested a 39
6:33 am
year-old and her 17 your companion and quincy in connection with the children's deaths and all started when police found a nine year-old girl where the abuse she is recovering in hospital nine that investigation police were led to the storage unit in writing what they found the bodies of the two children ages 3 and 60. >>mark: there's been a rise of all burglaries should know about and when east a station the police said they're all smash and grab burglars and ransacked we spoke with concern passengers who use the parking garage regularly hah pack
6:34 am
>>darya: make travel each about 500 mi. of miles the director says that all of them were rushed to have to get new connectors the start come from reaching the inspections that
6:35 am
are not proposals woman steps to increase punishment even in those areas were scoring threats can already be prosecuted as a felony >>mark: the school has no heat because of a broken gas lines and gas line broke the back on december 3rd and suspended the use of space heaters to keep this to the swarm and clasper they're not working well enough for the cold temperatures with
6:36 am
and there could be multiple leaks and officials are hoping to have them fixed by the time to break into the early next year >>darya: the to your boy had a heart attack during a school outing and the more attention drawn " a heart attack his name is carl he was flying back in march and he fell on conscious that aedes saved his life his
6:37 am
family can the but the nonprofit group to spread a when the convict rest of the importance of having those a edie's to refine patients look, a mattress will have the best of stock after it heard all have to parles
6:38 am
>>darya: of psalm are recall unit to know about which product could explode is the with before christmas but the shoppers are missing from all
6:39 am
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>>darya: a billion people have the with the younger for the the release of the move is being pushed back in india the vote the running short of but how they celebrated the when has some question the milwaukee bucks
6:46 am
6:47 am
>>james: we're at the freezing mark in and the committees and the delta from and temperatures that status of the fetish here and not a wine country and 30 degrees holding steady down and san jose and it will be my up this afternoon of the fifties to low 60 the sun will have some problems the drive to them was a lot of cloud cover moving by will see that continue to build a swim id to small with a small system friday afternoon looks like a saturday afternoon that from the rental cost of every fabric sunday monday and beyond families and to purchase two. >>george: from the 242 into a
6:48 am
trance, of pleasant hill sought on to look to the drive times of the ease of 9 minute that the study with its double track time 16 minutes a highway for sakharov howe went for a 22 minute trip time from the east bank into san francisco and out of hay with reading of the tort san mateo about the canada to to to to 4 minutes drive times as the committee continues to back up the richmond bridge ride with it to slow across all the lands now westbound in fact the small intestine is a problem in front of the traffic.
6:49 am
>>darya: donations for the u.s. brings toys for tots and contra costa are down significantly this year
6:50 am
>>mark: he was killed in a shootout with police they say he agreed with radical teaches of american-born cleric who was the lead of aircraft and there revetments above the town and it centers on markham and found no evidence that he was never communication of any specific >>darya: abortion store receive
6:51 am
a portion of the bottles of trackage so chipper to prove has been bursting and shattering is not clear what cosmic to burst open the consent innocent to track but if it mirror could open a to bridge the users for some information to shut the different e-mail address and use of land except for of what happens to their defense was secured at the december 13th
6:52 am
>>gabe slate: the different
6:53 am
finishes and quick, like accessories to acknowledge a tourist apple devices star wars toys more phone warbles tablets is all here and the hottest items for this holiday season.
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>>mark: he read his rights in alaska stock and one on and on that control the fact coltrane's a flight to cook for can pick which ones you want to turn on a said the gulf coprolite is the garage or he sensed almost an hour's he saving of one the ultimate key to walk up and run his and one
6:57 am
can top five to go on to look the application and request and there will swing by and pick up the torch. >>darya: the neighbor of the two shooters and the san bernardino attack is going to be charged.
6:58 am
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